Many of you know me, some of you know of me, and probably more than a few of you are wondering who the heck I am. A few words that probably sum me up are father, husband, lawyer, and Captain. And just to be clear, I am not talking Captain in the Annapolis/Navy/O-6 in charge of a ship sense, but in the Air Force JAG/O-3/didn’t stick around long enough to make Major sense.

I have met so many of you thanks to my time on the Board of Trustees. Since my law office location was in Baltimore from 1997 to early 2015, I would not have gotten to know and become friends with so many of you without this bar association, so this association is a precious thing to me.

I would like to personally thank Anne Leitess for her successful year as president of the AABA. I also would like to thank Greg Jimeno for calling me two years ago and informing me that the Nominating Committee had enough trust in me to offer me the president slot for 2017-2018. Congratulations to former AABA President Sara Arthur on her ascendancy to president of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA). I think Sara and I agree that this will be a great year to highlight Anne Arundel County, and the attorneys and programs that make us proud to be a leader among bar associations in this state.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel for this association when there are so many things we are doing well. We have many wonderful programs that engage us with our community, like the Angel Tree program, Law Day at local schools, the Weekend Food Program and the Thanksgiving dinner campaign. I know that we will continue to have wonderful volunteers to continue those important community outreach efforts…

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