Happy New Year to everyone reading this message. It was a standard, relatively quiet, cheese fondue inspired New Year’s eve in the Wrobel abode. We all watched Mariah Carey make up for last year’s 2017 embarrassment with a pretty solid 2018 performance in Times Square this year, especially considering that it was about 2 degrees or so outside. We are all Mariah fans for about one month every year, when we play and sing “All I Want for Christmas is You” about 800 times during the month of December. So, we were all pulling for her to do well this time around, and she nailed it. Now we’ll forget about her again until next Thanksgiving.

I have more or less given up making New Year’s resolutions that don’t last, and just resolve now to try to be a better listener, better spouse, better father, and better friend than I was the year before, always with mixed results. But I want to take this opportunity to ask every lawyer reading this to think about being a better lawyer than you were last year, specifically by giving some of your time to someone who really needs it, at no cost, or at a cost substantially reduced from your normal rate of compensation. Now, while this is something we Anne Arundel County practitioners…..

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